RED SKULL by Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers 


Happy Birthday to Artist Nikkolas Smith!

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Marvel Disc Wars: The Avengers

An anime about a group of kids who use the Avengers as Digimon.


problem comes when you start to enjoy it, darlin’
problem comes when you start to enjoy it, darlin’





"We will sing to you, Doctor. The universe will sing you to your sleep. This song is ending. But the story never ends."

ooooooooh i actually like this a LOT

#so many amazing men and women of colour portraying one character through the ages #why couldn’t we have this?

I find this to be REALLY dumb on numerous levels.  The reason Doctor Who is great is because of the actors, white though they were.  If you wanna go off and start your own show that’s wonderfully imaginative and highly addictive that runs for 50 years, then by all means, go ahead. 
But Doctor Who is a man, and the guy(s) who invented Doctor Who wanted it to be that way.  Re-appropriating this character isn’t constructive, it’s tearing down another human beings work and saying “This isn’t as legitimate because it’s a white dude playing this character.” 

Am I gonna get called a racist?  Probably. 
Am I a racist?  No.  Fuck you. 
The point being, someone else made Doctor Who, a bunch of white guys made Doctor Who.  It was THEIR PROJECT.  IT’S NOT YOUR VEHICLE FOR DIVERSITY.  IT’S WHATEVER THEY WANT IT TO BE.  The fact that Doctor Who is a white male is only the symptom of a problem.  People of color were not and are not properly represented in modern media.  It’s not Doctor Who’s fault he’s a white guy, but you can’t change that.  Come up with a better show, come up with a DIFFERENT SHOW. 

Politically, the idea that people would want to change a property, or desire change within a property because of the skin color of the protagonist is disgusting, come up with your own. 

How can someone be so obtuse? Is Doctor Who not a being that supposedly transcends race and gender? Portraying this character as a different crusty white man each time goes against this very principle. And yes, you are racist.