Guardians of the galaxy was so good.

Best movie out


I’m so in love with the new Ghost Rider series with Robbie Reyes. But I couldn’t stop thinking about what a woman ghost rider would look like — all modern with FIRE HAIR. How cool would that be?

So here you go Marvel, in case you want to do that — I got your back. ;D


For a limited time, my cousin Anne is hand-making these AMAZING Baby Groot statues! If you want one, check out her ETSY store right HERE to request a custom order!





T’Challa the Black Panther

cosplayer Sean Shaw

Saturday May 31, 2014 Long Beach Comic Expo

Long Beach California

everyone go home. it’s over. he wins everything

Yes. Look at God…

im reblogging this again bc

Loot Crate

About a day and a half left in being able to get the next Loot Crate. Click HERE if you’d like to join. For those who don’t know what it is, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription where you get a themed box of nerdy/geeky gifts. The next theme is heroes, which I seem is appropriate to share with you all. This next Loot Crate is also coming with an exclusive Funko Pop figure! A monthly subscription is about $20, but you get your money well deserved in these boxes. If you really enjoy it, they also offer a 3/6 month subscription! Head on over and sign up! 

Loot Crate

- Eddy V.

that’s a little inconsistent, you say, with my image as a bad girl. the kindness doesn’t mesh with the cruelty. how can i be nasty and nice? you just can’t figure me out?

what can i say? i’m a cat.




chris pratt does the ice bucket challenge, hilarity ensues

god is real

God is real

Starlord man