Really quick on the new Thor

The Thor you all know and love isn’t turning into a woman. This is a whole new character who is picking up Mjolnir and taking it for a spin. Thor(m) will be somewhere, doubt they’ll be killing him since this year the death goes to Wolverine. Personally can’t wait to see her in action! 

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- Eddy


Ok, before you say I jumped on the bandwagon, let me take a selfie with my batmobile: It’s BATGIRL!!!

awwww I love her!


So Marvel is sucking the super soldier serum out of Steve Rogers and giving the name Captain America to a yet-to-be-named black character, declaring Thor unworthy of his hammer and giving it to a new, yet-to-be-named woman, and killing off Wolverine..

And exactly what is DC doing?

Starting October, a new Thor is taking over and she looks bada*s!!! I’m excited, Thor has always been my favorite of Marvels ‘big 3’ so I can’t wait to see how this goes.


Love always, 

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Thomas Wayne

mistress of the toxic forest

mistress of the toxic forest