Digital Comic code contest and other goodies!

Giving away some more codes for Digital comics. This week I ask of a favor from you guys though. Simply go over and check out Orisue Clothings video: HERE that they made for Earth Week. They’re doing a contest over at their page where if you participate you can also win goodies!

So this is how I’m breaking it down then. To win a code for a digital comic simply like this post and leave a comment on their YouTube video saying fyeahsuperheroes sent you.

And to throw another one in if you go over and like their Facebook page and leave a post on their page I sent you then I will choose a person randomly from there too and mail them some comic related goodies! Seems fair enough.

Really appreciate those who actually do this.


Orisue Clothing:




EDIT* The Facebook contest is pushed till Monday in hopes more people will do it.

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