Comic reviews

which story arc would you like to be first reviewed?

  1. wearethemight answered: Thor: God of Thunder
  2. kingsley-enterprises answered: All-Star Batman and Robin
  3. fastmetabolism answered: batman court of owls
  4. redaengus answered: Decimation
  5. comicsforever answered: Anything from Garth Ennis
  6. atthemanchesteroperahouse answered: Batman Inc Vol.2, or Here comes yesterday from All New X-Men.
  7. hilarity101 answered: X-men- Necrosha!
  8. brambles90 answered: X-men Age of Apocalypse
  9. andy-wooten answered: world war hulk
  10. zeromalley answered: Johnathan Hickman’s first three issues of Avengers, which is titled “Avengers World”
  11. meuminewatashinomi answered: Rise of the Third Army
  12. zanexe answered: Secret Invasion
  13. zombiemcqueen answered: The original Dark Phoenix Saga
  14. batmans-flowercrown answered: night of the owls
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