I wanna announce to as many people as I can about a comic book studio I’m hoping to get off the ground called INS Studios; this drawing (done entirely in digital) highlights the main characters of my two monthlies to this point: Notna (left) and Bounty.

I’m submitting this in the hopes of getting the word out on my Tumblr for this studio, my-ins-studios. Please spread the word!


Starting October, a new Thor is taking over and she looks bada*s!!! I’m excited, Thor has always been my favorite of Marvels ‘big 3’ so I can’t wait to see how this goes.

Hi! I thought you might appreciate this comic!

Krypton memories

A glimpse in to some time off from crime fighting.

2inch felt pin.

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Super villains are super jerks 

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One of my original characters, Bounty.

For more of my work, check out frommindtopenciltopage and ins-studios.

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Siren’s Cry: Poison Ivy