Who loves them some Mystique?!

Who loves them some Emma Frost?!

Who loves them some Rogue?!

Rogue by `vashperado

Clay Mann

Salvador Larroca

Couple things about the Avengers V. X-men
  • if it’s taking the current story Charles won’t be a part of the X-men(Read Deadly Genesis)
  • Wolverine leads the school and Cyclops has an island where Magneto falls under him
  • It is happening. Starts in April
  • From what I’ve heard Avengers: X-Sanction is leading up to it
  • If so Cable has already captured Falcon, Captain America, Ironman and Red Hulk is next and if Cable can do that all himself well, WOW!
  • Idk where Wolverine would land. As we all know he’s been a part of both and is now Headmaster of the school. To me he would either stay out or be with the X-Men.