I will be here for Thursday-Saturday. Can’t make it? Follow me on snapchat, I’ll be uploading a bunch of cool stuff while I’m there this weekend. I’ll even be posting some stuff on my Instagram! I’ll put a recap video next week of everything. I’m so excited!

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Somebody sneak me into SDCC with them please?


I have $150 to whoever can get me in. PLEASE.


how is this the same person

Claim loyalty to me. And I will give you what you need.
Tom Hiddleston dressed as Loki, at Marvel’s Comic Con panel
Who’s going? Lets meet up! Have stuff to give out.

Who’s going? Lets meet up! Have stuff to give out.

Iron Man’s new armor at Comic Con 2012

Comic Con Sunday.

I’ll be doing a bunch of giveaways to people there! Also for those with a twitter can win a bigger prize! Just tweet/instagram a pic of you at comic con and the tag #OrisueComics and I’ll choose two winners for some really REALLY cool goodie bags. Also if interested follow me, or instagram: @EddyOV and you can find some pics and updates on Comic Con!

PS I’m going to reblog this post a couple times thought the weekend for more people to see and would love if you guys can help by reblogging and spreading the news! Thanks you,
Eddy Vega

Comic con Thursday?

Who’s going Thursday? I have a ticket for that day and happen to have that day off and also get paid that day. Should I make the trip down? Would anybody like to accompany me while I’m there because I’ll most likely be going by myself that day. Lol. If so that’d be awesome! And if many of you are willing to do a meet up on Sunday still, would love to host that! Message me on my personal blog:
And if anybody is willing to accompany a brotha on Thursday email me for faster response at:
Thanks! And hoping to see lots of your faces there!
Eddy Vega.
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