Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Firefly and all my fellow Browncoats!

And don’t forget: We don’t care, we’re still free, Fox can’t take our DVDs.


w.t.f. by ~Oune

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“Joss Whedon:The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth” for GQ Magazine, May 2012. Art director: Benjamin Bours.

It’s always a treat to do some editorial illustration, and when it’s a portrait of somebody as beloved in the comics scene as Joss Whedon, I couldn’t ask for a better subject.

My liege.

I remember when I loved Buffy when the first seasons aired how nobody I knew took it seriously and how I was  seen as weird to love Joss Whedon so much and to think he was such a genius. It’s great to see him have a little more credit now.