First we got us a new Thor and now Falcon is taking up the Captain America mantle! Oh and Iron man has become superior and is packing his bags and moving to San Francisco. SAM WILSON IS CAPTAIN AMERICA! Wonder what else Marvel has up their sleeve.

Really quick on the new Thor

The Thor you all know and love isn’t turning into a woman. This is a whole new character who is picking up Mjolnir and taking it for a spin. Thor(m) will be somewhere, doubt they’ll be killing him since this year the death goes to Wolverine. Personally can’t wait to see her in action! 

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Starting October, a new Thor is taking over and she looks bada*s!!! I’m excited, Thor has always been my favorite of Marvels ‘big 3’ so I can’t wait to see how this goes.

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Super villains are super jerks 

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My Skottie Young baby variant collection. Missing a couple, can anybody guess which ones?

I agree. How do you guys feel?

Iron-man / Venom Crossover
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